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Park for FREE and get to the Amp and back for just $2 round trip!

Step 1) Park in the Marriott parking garage on the corner of Harrison Place and Harrison Street. Bring your parking slip over to Shaughnessy's and get validated. FREE PARKING ACHIEVED!

Step 2) Purchase 2 shuttle tickets ($2 each) over the bar, or on your phone by following the instructions to the right ----->       RIDE TO THE SHOW ACHIEVED!

Step 3) Enjoy "the coldest beer in Syracuse" at Shaughnessy's! PRE-GAME ACHIEVED!

Step 4) Board the shuttle on Warren Street up to 90 minutes before show time and enjoy your ride to the Amphitheater!           ENJOY THE SHOW!


Q: Where does the shuttle pick me up after the show?

A: Right at the inner loop where it dropped you off before the show.

Q: Is this a good deal?

A: You pay $4 each for a round trip ticket to the gates of the Amp, and you pay nothing to park. Considering Uber/Lyft is charging $30-50 on show nights, and you may need to walk a quarter of a mile through the parking lot before you even get to the Amp gates, we'd say this might be the best deal in town!

Q: What about traffic?

A: Traffic is outside of anyone's control really, however public transportation is often given preferred access, and since the busses bypass the parking lot completely, whatever time you wait in traffic is made up for with the incredibly convenient drop-off/pick-up point.

Q: Are the busses climate-controlled?

A: Yes! Air-conditioned on those muggy summer concert nights, and heated for the chilly spring concerts.

Q: We have lawn seats, if get I dropped off at Shaughnessy's for the shuttle, can we bring our lawn chairs into the pub?

A: Absolutely not a problem. We do not allow coolers or outside food & beverage however. Also a good time to remind everyone that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you do leave your chair behind, we turn it over to the hotel Security team at the end of the night where you can claim it after the show.

Q: I parked in the "Hotel Syracuse Garage" that has a pedestrian bridge attached to the hotel. Can you validate my parking?

A: A very common source of confusion. We are not affiliated with the garage known as the "Hotel Syracuse" garage and we cannot validate parking in that garage. It is operated by a third party company. We can validate parking in the Marriott garage that is "kitty-corner" to the hotel with the large 'Marriott' signs in the windows.